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nick pierone 


K-9:PI - Universal Pictures - Richard Lewis, dir.

USAP, USA pavilion (all music) - 2017 Kazakhstan Worlds Fair - BRC Imagination Arts

The Matchmaker - Sy Rosen, writer

Panic Button - Drama 3/4

Tangoborn McClenty - Ted Michaels, dir.

The Sister - Red Navel Films - Joe Walsh, dir.

The Basement and The Kitchen - Bolshoi Films - David Fickas, dir.

Galatea’s Makeup - Karen Moncriff, dir.

Side Effect - Scott Perry, dir.

Lycanthrophobia - Harry Victor, dir.


Coop and Cami Ask The World - multiple songs (premiered Oct. 2018) -  Disney Channel

Fortune Rookie - all episodes (premiered Oct. 2018) - IFC’s Comedy Crib

The Haunted Hathaways - all episodes - Nickelodeon

Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures - all episodes - Nickelodeon

Shaquille - all episodes - ESPN

Dash for Cash - pilot - CW Network

Adoption - Discovery Channel

Fresh Hell - all episodes - Brent Spiner, prod.

CSI: Las Vegas - featured song “The Lovely Machine”

CSI: Las Vegas, American Idol, Ace of Cakes and others - cues

Hyundai - 6 international commercial spots

Dad, Cancer, Fear and Boys - theater - HBO Comedy

My Wild Spine - theater - HBO Comedy

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